struct IContentFilter

The interface that content filter objects should implement.

Public Functions

virtual bool evaluate(const SerializedPayload &payload, const FilterSampleInfo &sample_info, const GUID_t &reader_guid) const = 0

Evaluate if a serialized payload should be accepted by certain reader.

  • payload[in] The serialized payload of the sample being evaluated.

  • sample_info[in] The accompanying sample information.

  • reader_guid[in] The GUID of the reader for which the filter is being evaluated.


whether the sample should be accepted for the specified reader.

struct FilterSampleInfo

Selected information from the cache change that is passed to the content filter object on payload evaluation.

Public Members

SampleIdentity sample_identity

Identity of the sample being filtered.

SampleIdentity related_sample_identity

Identity of a sample related to the one being filtered.