struct TCPv4TransportDescriptor : public eprosima::fastdds::rtps::TCPTransportDescriptor

TCPv4 Transport configuration. The kind value for TCPv4TransportDescriptor is given by eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::LOCATOR_KIND_TCPv4.

  • wan_addr: Public IP address. Peers on a different LAN will use this IP for communications with this host.

Public Functions

virtual ~TCPv4TransportDescriptor() = default


virtual TransportInterface *create_transport() const override

Factory method pattern. It will create and return a TransportInterface corresponding to this descriptor. This provides an interface to the NetworkFactory to create the transports without the need to know about their type

inline void set_WAN_address(fastrtps::rtps::octet o1, fastrtps::rtps::octet o2, fastrtps::rtps::octet o3, fastrtps::rtps::octet o4)

Set the public IP address.

inline void set_WAN_address(const std::string &in_address)

Set the public IP address.

inline std::string get_WAN_address()

Get the public IP address.



TCPv4TransportDescriptor(const TCPv4TransportDescriptor &t)

Copy constructor.

TCPv4TransportDescriptor &operator=(const TCPv4TransportDescriptor &t)

Copy assignment.

bool operator==(const TCPv4TransportDescriptor &t) const

Comparison operator.

Public Members

fastrtps::rtps::octet wan_addr[4]

Public IP address.