Fast RTPS can be configured to provide persistence to the history of a writer and the highest sequence number notified by a reader.

We recommend you to look at the example of how to use this feature the distribution comes with while reading this section. It is located in examples/RTPSTest_persistent

You can select and configure the persistence plugin through eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::RTPSParticipant attributes using properties. A eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::Property is defined by its name (std::string) and its value (std::string). Throughout this page there are tables showing you the properties used by each persistence plugin.


In order for the persistence service to work, some specific eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::Writer or eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::Reader attributes should be set:

  • durabilityKind should be set to TRANSIENT
  • persistence_guid should not be all zeros
  • A persistence plugin should be configured either on the eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::Writer, the eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::Reader or the eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::RTPSParticipant

Built-in plugins

Current version comes out with one persistence built-in plugin:

  • SQLITE3: this plugin provides persistence on a local file using SQLite3 API.


This built-in plugin provides persistence on a local file using SQLite3 API.

You can activate this plugin using RTPSParticipant, Reader or Writer property dds.persistence.plugin with the value builtin.SQLITE3. Next table shows you the properties used by this persistence plugin.

Properties to configure Persistence::SQLITE3
Property name
(all properties have “dds.persistence.sqlite3.” prefix)
Property value
filename Name of the file used for persistent storage.
Default value: persistence.db


This example shows you how to configure a RTPSParticipant to activate and configure PERSISTENCE:SQLITE3 plugin. It also configures a Writer to persist its history on local storage, and a Reader to persist the highest notified sequence number on local storage.

RTPSParticipant attributes

eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::RTPSParticipantAttributes part_attr;

// Activate Persistence:SQLITE3 plugin"dds.persistence.plugin", "builtin.SQLITE3");

// Configure Persistence:SQLITE3 plugin"dds.persistence.sqlite3.filename", "example.db");

Writer attributes

eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::WriterAttributes writer_attr;

// Set durability to TRANSIENT
writer_attr.endpoint.durabilityKind = TRANSIENT;

// Set persistence_guid
writer_attr.endpoint.persistence_guid.guidPrefix.value[11] = 1;
writer_attr.endpoint.persistence_guid.entityId = 0x12345678;

Reader attributes

eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::ReaderAttributes reader_attr;

// Set durability to TRANSIENT
reader_attr.endpoint.durabilityKind = TRANSIENT;

// Set persistence_guid
reader_attr.endpoint.persistence_guid.guidPrefix.value[11] = 1;
reader_attr.endpoint.persistence_guid.entityId = 0x3456789A;