Code generation using fastrtpsgen

eprosima Fast RTPS comes with a built-in code generation tool, fastrtpsgen, which eases the process of translating an IDL specification of a data type to a working implementation of the methods needed to create topics, used by publishers and subscribers, of that data type. This tool can be instructed to generate a sample application using this data type, providing a Makefile to compile it on Linux and a Visual Studio project for Windows.

fastrtpsgen can be invoked by calling fastrtpsgen on Linux or fastrtpsgen.bat on Windows.

fastrtpsgen [-d <outputdir>] [-example <platform>] [-replace] [-typeobject] <IDLfile> [<IDLfile> ...]

The -replace argument is needed to replace the currently existing files in case the files for the IDL have been generated previously.

When the -example argument is added, the tool will generate an automated example and the files to build it for the platform currently invoked. The -help argument provides a list of currently supported Visual Studio versions and platforms.

When -typeobject argument is used, the tool will generate additional files for TypeObject generation and management. For more information about TypeObject go to Dynamic Topic Types.


fastrtpsgen outputs the several files. Assuming the IDL file had the name “Mytype”, these files are:

  • MyType.cxx/.h: Type definition.
  • MyTypePublisher.cxx/.h: Definition of the Publisher as well as of a PublisherListener. The user must fill the needed methods for his application.
  • MyTypeSubscriber.cxx/.h: Definition of the Subscriber as well as of a SubscriberListener. The behavior of the subscriber can be altered changing the methods implemented on these files.
  • MyTypePubSubType.cxx/.h: Serialization and Deserialization code for the type. It also defines the getKey method in case the topic uses keys.
  • MyTypePubSubMain.cxx: The main file of the example application in case it is generated.
  • Makefile or Visual Studio project files.

If -typeobject was used, MyType.cxx is modified to register the TypeObject representation in the TypeObjectFactory, and these files will be generated too:

  • MyTypeTypeObject.cxx/.h: TypeObject representation for MyType IDL.

Where to find fastrtpsgen

If you are using the binary distribution of eProsima Fast RTPS, fastrtpsgen is already provided for you. If you are building from sources, you have to compile fastrtpsgen. You can find instructions in section Installation from Sources.