class eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::HistoryAttributes

Class HistoryAttributes, to specify the attributes of a WriterHistory or a ReaderHistory. This class is only intended to be used with the RTPS API. The Publsiher-Subscriber API has other fields to define this values (HistoryQosPolicy and ResourceLimitsQosPolicy).

Public Functions


Default constructor.

HistoryAttributes(MemoryManagementPolicy_t memoryPolicy, uint32_t payload, int32_t initial, int32_t maxRes)


  • memoryPolicy: Set wether memory can be dynamically reallocated or not

  • payload: Maximum payload size. It is used when memory management polycy is PREALLOCATED_MEMORY_MODE or PREALLOCATED_WITH_REALLOC_MEMORY_MODE.

  • initial: Initial reserved caches. It is used when memory management policy is PREALLOCATED_MEMORY_MODE or PREALLOCATED_WITH_REALLOC_MEMORY_MODE.

  • maxRes: Maximum reserved caches.

Public Members

MemoryManagementPolicy_t memoryPolicy

Memory management policy.

uint32_t payloadMaxSize

Maximum payload size of the history, default value 500.

int32_t initialReservedCaches

Number of the initial Reserved Caches, default value 500.

int32_t maximumReservedCaches

Maximum number of reserved caches. Default value is 0 that indicates to keep reserving until something breaks.