6.5. Intra-process deliveryΒΆ

eProsima Fast DDS allows to speed up communications between entities within the same process by avoiding any of the overhead involved in the transport layer. Instead, the Publisher directly calls the reception functions of the Subscriber. This not only avoids the copy or send operations of the transport, but also ensures the message is received by the Subscriber, avoiding the acknowledgement mechanism.

This feature is enabled by default, and can be configured using XML profiles. Currently the following options are available:

  • INTRAPROCESS_OFF: The feature is disabled.

  • INTRAPROCESS_USER_DATA_ONLY: Discovery metadata keeps using ordinary transport.

  • INTRAPROCESS_FULL: Default value. Both user data and discovery metadata using Intra-process delivery.


    <intraprocess_delivery>FULL</intraprocess_delivery> <!-- OFF | USER_DATA_ONLY | FULL -->