1. Linux installation from binaries

The instructions for installing eProsima Fast DDS in a Linux environment from binaries are provided in this page.

1.1. Install

The latest release of eProsima Fast DDS for Linux is available at the eProsima website Downloads tab. Once downloaded, extract the contents in your preferred directory. Then, to install eProsima Fast DDS and all its dependencies in the system, execute the install.sh script with administrative privileges:

cd <extraction_directory>
sudo ./install.sh


By default, eProsima Fast DDS does not compile tests. To activate them, please refer to the Linux installation from sources page.

1.1.1. Contents

The src folder contains the following packages:

  • foonathan_memory_vendor, an STL compatible C++ memory allocator library.

  • fastcdr, a C++ library for data serialization according to the CDR standard (Section OMG CDR).

  • fastrtps, the core library of eProsima Fast DDS library.

  • fastrtpsgen, a Java application that generates source code using the data types defined in an IDL file.

In case any of these components is unwanted, it can be simply renamed or removed from the src directory.

1.1.2. Run an application

When running an instance of an application using eProsima Fast DDS, it must be linked with the library where the packages have been installed, /usr/local/lib/. There are two possibilities:

  • Prepare the environment locally by typing in the console used for running the eProsima Fast DDS instance the command:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/
  • Add it permanently to the PATH by executing:

    echo 'export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/' >> ~/.bashrc

1.2. Uninstall

To uninstall all installed components, execute the uninstall.sh script (with administrative privileges):

cd <extraction_directory>
sudo ./uninstall.sh


If any of the other components were already installed in some other way in the system, they will be removed as well. To avoid it, edit the script before executing it.