class eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::DiscoverySettings

Class DiscoverySettings, to define the attributes of the several discovery protocols available

Public Functions

const char *getStaticEndpointXMLFilename() const

Get the static endpoint XML filename


Static endpoint XML filename

void setStaticEndpointXMLFilename(const char *str)

Set the static endpoint XML filename

  • str: Static endpoint XML filename

Public Members

DiscoveryProtocol_t discoveryProtocol = DiscoveryProtocol_t::SIMPLE

Chosen discovery protocol.

bool use_SIMPLE_EndpointDiscoveryProtocol = true

If set to true, SimpleEDP would be used.

bool use_STATIC_EndpointDiscoveryProtocol = false

If set to true, StaticEDP based on an XML file would be implemented. The XML filename must be provided.

Duration_t leaseDuration = {20, 0}

Lease Duration of the RTPSParticipant, indicating how much time remote RTPSParticipants should consider this RTPSParticipant alive.

Duration_t leaseDuration_announcementperiod = {3, 0}

The period for the RTPSParticipant to send its Discovery Message to all other discovered RTPSParticipants as well as to all Multicast ports.

InitialAnnouncementConfig initial_announcements

Initial announcements configuration.

SimpleEDPAttributes m_simpleEDP

Attributes of the SimpleEDP protocol.

PDPFactory m_PDPfactory = {}

function that returns a PDP object (only if EXTERNAL selected)

Duration_t discoveryServer_client_syncperiod = {0, 450 * 1000000}

The period for the RTPSParticipant to: send its Discovery Message to its servers check for EDP endpoints matching

eprosima::fastdds::rtps::RemoteServerList_t m_DiscoveryServers

Discovery Server settings, only needed if use_CLIENT_DiscoveryProtocol=true.

ParticipantFilteringFlags_t ignoreParticipantFlags = ParticipantFilteringFlags::NO_FILTER

Filtering participants out depending on location.