2. Usage

This section explains the usage of Fast DDS-Gen tool and briefly describes the generated files.

2.1. Running the Fast DDS-Gen Java application

First, the steps outlined in Linux installation of Fast DDS-Gen or Window installation of Fast DDS-Gen must be accomplished for the installation of Fast DDS-Gen. According to this section, an executable file for Linux and Windows that runs the Java Fast DDS-Gen application is available in the scripts folder. If the scripts folder path is added to the PATH environment variable, Fast DDS-Gen can be executed running the following commands:

  • Linux:

    $ fastddsgen
  • Windows:

    > fastddsgen.bat


In case the PATH has not been modified, these scripts can be found in the <fastddsgen_directory>/scripts directory.

2.2. Supported options

The expected argument list of the application is:

fastddsgen [<options>] <IDL file> [<IDL file> ...]

Where the option choices are:




Shows the help information.


Shows the current version of eProsima Fast DDS-Gen.

-d <directory>

Sets the output directory where the generated files are created.

-I <directory>

Add directory to preprocessor include paths.

-t <directory>

Sets a specific directory as a temporary directory.

-example <platform>

Generates an example and a solution to compile the generated source code for a specific
platform. The help command shows the supported platforms.


Replaces the generated source code files even if they exist.


Disables the preprocessor.


Specifies the preprocessor path.


Generates TypeObject files for the IDL provided and modifies MyType constructor to
register the TypeObject representation into the factory.


Generates type naming compatible with ROS 2


Generates source code and a CMake solution to compile a library containing the data types
Python bindings required to run a Fast DDS Python-based application. This option is
incompatible with the -example and -typeobject ones.


Enables Case Sensitivity

Please refer to Dynamic Topic Types for more information on TypeObject representation.