class eprosima::fastrtps::rtps::PortParameters

Class PortParameters, to define the port parameters and gains related with the RTPS protocol.

Public Functions

inline uint32_t getMulticastPort(uint32_t domainId) const

Get a multicast port based on the domain ID.


domainId – Domain ID.


Multicast port

inline uint32_t getUnicastPort(uint32_t domainId, uint32_t RTPSParticipantID) const

Get a unicast port based on the domain ID and the participant ID.

  • domainId – Domain ID.

  • RTPSParticipantID – Participant ID.


Unicast port

Public Members

uint16_t portBase

PortBase, default value 7400.

uint16_t domainIDGain

DomainID gain, default value 250.

uint16_t participantIDGain

ParticipantID gain, default value 2.

uint16_t offsetd0

Offset d0, default value 0.

uint16_t offsetd1

Offset d1, default value 10.

uint16_t offsetd2

Offset d2, default value 1.

uint16_t offsetd3

Offset d3, default value 11.