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Version 2.14.2 (latest)


Fast DDS v2.14 will be the last minor version of Fast DDS v2, the next major release will be Fast DDS v3.0.0, stay tuned!

This release includes the following features in an ABI compatible manner:

  1. Set DataSharing Qos policy in transmitted WriterProxyData and ReaderProxyData.

  2. New max_message_size property to limit the output datagrams size.

  3. Add XML configuration for Flow Controllers.

This release includes the following improvements:

  1. Repository & CI improvements.

  2. Do not require PYTHON_VERSION to be defined. in .bat files.

  3. Use %* instead of loop in .bat scripts.

  4. Use absolute paths when loading XML files.

  5. Bump Fast CDR submodule to version 2.2.2.

This release includes the following fixes:

  1. Handle errors when setting socket buffer sizes.

  2. Do not require Fast CDR v2 in examples.

  3. Fix Shared Memory Transport buffer recovery MacOS flaky test.

  4. Automatically unmatch remote participants on participant deletion.

  5. Bugfix: correct liveliness state in a multiple reader - one writer scenario.

  6. Only apply content filter to ALIVE changes.

  7. Properly delete builtin statistics writers upon delete_contained_entities().

  8. Fix doxygen warning about undocumented @param in deleted functions.

  9. Correctly initialize MatchingFailureMask constants to be used with the std::bitset API.

  10. Fix Discovery Server not connecting due to ports logic.


When upgrading to version 2.14.2 it is advisable to regenerate generated source from IDL files using Fast DDS-Gen v3.3.0.

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For further information about the corresponding versions of other products related to this Fast DDS version, please refer to the eProsima products compatibility section.