13. Statistics Module

The Fast DDS Statistics module is an extension of Fast DDS that enables the recollection of data concerning the DDS communication. The collected data is published using DDS over dedicated topics using builtin DataWriters within the Statistics module. Consequently, by default, Fast DDS does not compile this module because it may entail affecting the application’s performance. Nonetheless, the Statistics module and the Monitor Service can be activated using the -DFASTDDS_STATISTICS=ON at CMake configuration step. For more information about Fast DDS compilation, see Linux installation from sources and Windows installation from sources.

Besides enabling the Statistics Module compilation, the user must enable those DataWriters that are publishing data on the topics of interest for the user’s application. Therefore, the standard DDS Layer has been extended. The following section explains this DDS extended API.


Please refer to Statistics QoS Troubleshooting for any problems related to the statistics module.