12.6. Ignore Local EndpointsΒΆ

By default, Fast DDS will automatically match all the endpoints (meaning DataReaders and DataWriters) belonging to a given DomainParticipant as soon as they share the same Topic and have compatible Qos. This however can result in undesired feedback whenever an application creates a DataReader and a DataWriter under the same DomainParticipant on a shared Topic. Although this feedback can be filtered out at the application level upon data reception by filtering out messages coming from a DataWriter belonging to the same DomainParticipant on the DataReader receiving the data (by looking at the GuidPrefix_t), this entails for a data sample to go all the way to the DataReaderListener just to be discarded by an overcomplicated application business logic. For this reason, Fast DDS offers the possibility of instructing the DomainParticipant to avoid the matching of local endpoints through the following property:

PropertyPolicyQos name

PropertyPolicyQos value

Default value




DomainParticipantQos participant_qos;

// Avoid local matching of this participant's endpoints


An invalid value of fastdds.ignore_local_endpoints results in the default behaviour.