class ContentFilterProperty

Information about the content filter being applied by a reader.

Public Functions

inline explicit ContentFilterProperty(const AllocationConfiguration &config)

Construct a ContentFilterProperty.


config – Allocation configuration for the new object.

Public Members

fastrtps::string_255 content_filtered_topic_name

Name of the content filtered topic on which the reader was created.

fastrtps::string_255 related_topic_name

Name of the related topic being filtered.

fastrtps::string_255 filter_class_name

Class name of the filter being used. May be empty to indicate the ContentFilterProperty is not present.

std::string filter_expression

Filter expression indicating which content the reader wants to receive. May be empty to indicate the ContentFilterProperty is not present.

fastrtps::ResourceLimitedVector<fastrtps::string_255, std::true_type> expression_parameters

List of values for the parameters present on the filter expression.

struct AllocationConfiguration

Allocation configuration for a ContentFilterProperty.

Public Members

size_t expression_initial_size = 0

Preallocated size of the filter expression.

fastrtps::ResourceLimitedContainerConfig expression_parameters = {0, 100, 1}

Allocation configuration for the list of expression parameters.