struct FlowControllerDescriptor

Configuration values for creating flow controllers.

This descriptor is used to define the configuration applied in the creation of a flow controller.



Public Members


Name of the flow controller.

FlowControllerSchedulerPolicy scheduler = FlowControllerSchedulerPolicy::FIFO

Scheduler policy used by the flow controller.

Default value: FlowControllerScheduler::FIFO_SCHEDULER

int32_t max_bytes_per_period = 0

Maximum number of bytes to be sent to network per period.

Range of bytes: [1, 2147483647]; 0 value means no limit. Default value: 0

uint64_t period_ms = 100

Period time in milliseconds.

Period of time on which the flow controller is allowed to send max_bytes_per_period. Default value: 100ms.

ThreadSettings sender_thread

Thread settings for the sender thread.

const char *const eprosima::fastdds::rtps::FASTDDS_FLOW_CONTROLLER_DEFAULT

Name of the default flow controller.

const char *const eprosima::fastdds::rtps::FASTDDS_STATISTICS_FLOW_CONTROLLER_DEFAULT

Name of the default flow controller for statistics writers.