class eprosima::fastdds::dds::ResourceLimitsQosPolicy : public eprosima::fastdds::dds::Parameter_t, public eprosima::fastdds::dds::QosPolicy

Specifies the resources that the Service can consume in order to meet the requested QoS


Immutable Qos Policy

Public Functions

inline ResourceLimitsQosPolicy()


virtual ~ResourceLimitsQosPolicy() = default


inline virtual void clear() override

Clears the QosPolicy object.

Public Members

int32_t max_samples

Specifies the maximum number of data-samples the DataWriter (or DataReader) can manage across all the instances associated with it. Represents the maximum samples the middleware can store for any one DataWriter (or DataReader


By default, 5000.


It is inconsistent for this value to be less than max_samples_per_instance.

int32_t max_instances

Represents the maximum number of instances DataWriter (or DataReader

) can manage.

By default, 10.

int32_t max_samples_per_instance

Represents the maximum number of samples of any one instance a DataWriter(or DataReader) can manage.

By default, 400.


It is inconsistent for this value to be greater than max_samples.

int32_t allocated_samples

Number of samples currently allocated.

By default, 100.

int32_t extra_samples

Represents the extra number of samples available once the max_samples have been reached in the history. This makes it possible, for example, to loan samples even with a full history. By default, 1.