class WriterAttributes

Class WriterAttributes, defining the attributes of a RTPSWriter.

Public Members

EndpointAttributes endpoint

Attributes of the associated endpoint.

WriterTimes times

Writer Times (only used for RELIABLE).

fastrtps::LivelinessQosPolicyKind liveliness_kind

Liveliness kind.

Duration_t liveliness_lease_duration

Liveliness lease duration.

Duration_t liveliness_announcement_period

Liveliness announcement period.

RTPSWriterPublishMode mode

Indicates if the Writer is synchronous or asynchronous.

ThroughputControllerDescriptor throughputController

Throughput controller, always the last one to apply.


Use flow_controllers on RTPSParticipantAttributes

bool disable_heartbeat_piggyback

Disable the sending of heartbeat piggybacks.

ResourceLimitedContainerConfig matched_readers_allocation

Define the allocation behaviour for matched-reader-dependent collections.

bool disable_positive_acks

Disable the sending of positive ACKs.

Duration_t keep_duration

Keep duration to keep a sample before considering it has been acked.

const char *flow_controller_name = fastdds::rtps::FASTDDS_FLOW_CONTROLLER_DEFAULT

Flow controller name. Default: fastdds::rtps::FASTDDS_FLOW_CONTROLLER_DEFAULT.