class EndpointAttributes

Structure EndpointAttributes, describing the attributes associated with an RTPS Endpoint.

Public Functions

inline int16_t getUserDefinedID() const

Get the user defined ID


User defined ID

inline int16_t getEntityID() const

Get the entity defined ID


Entity ID

inline void setUserDefinedID(int16_t id)

Set the user defined ID


id – User defined ID to be set

inline void setEntityID(int16_t id)

Set the entity ID


id – Entity ID to be set

inline void set_data_sharing_configuration(DataSharingQosPolicy cfg)

Set the DataSharing configuration


cfg – Configuration to be set

inline const DataSharingQosPolicy &data_sharing_configuration() const

Get the DataSharing configuration


Configuration of data sharing

Public Members

EndpointKind_t endpointKind = EndpointKind_t::WRITER

Endpoint kind, default value WRITER.

TopicKind_t topicKind = TopicKind_t::NO_KEY

Topic kind, default value NO_KEY.

ReliabilityKind_t reliabilityKind = ReliabilityKind_t::BEST_EFFORT

Reliability kind, default value BEST_EFFORT.

DurabilityKind_t durabilityKind = DurabilityKind_t::VOLATILE

Durability kind, default value VOLATILE.

GUID_t persistence_guid

GUID used for persistence.

fastdds::rtps::ExternalLocators external_unicast_locators

The collection of external locators to use for communication.

bool ignore_non_matching_locators = false

Whether locators that don’t match with the announced locators should be kept.

LocatorList_t unicastLocatorList

Unicast locator list.

LocatorList_t multicastLocatorList

Multicast locator list.

LocatorList_t remoteLocatorList

Remote locator list.

PropertyPolicy properties


OwnershipQosPolicyKind ownershipKind = SHARED_OWNERSHIP_QOS