struct SocketTransportDescriptor : public eprosima::fastdds::rtps::PortBasedTransportDescriptor

Virtual base class for the data type used to define configuration of transports using sockets.

  • sendBufferSize: size of the sending buffer of the socket (in octets).

  • receiveBufferSize: size of the receiving buffer of the socket (in octets).

  • interfaceWhiteList: list of allowed interfaces.

  • TTL: time to live, in number of hops.

Subclassed by eprosima::fastdds::rtps::TCPTransportDescriptor, eprosima::fastdds::rtps::test_UDPv4TransportDescriptor, eprosima::fastdds::rtps::UDPTransportDescriptor

Public Functions

inline SocketTransportDescriptor(uint32_t maximumMessageSize, uint32_t maximumInitialPeersRange)


SocketTransportDescriptor(const SocketTransportDescriptor &t) = default

Copy constructor.

SocketTransportDescriptor &operator=(const SocketTransportDescriptor &t) = default

Copy assignment.

virtual ~SocketTransportDescriptor() = default


inline virtual uint32_t min_send_buffer_size() const override

Returns the minimum size required for a send operation.

inline bool operator==(const SocketTransportDescriptor &t) const

Comparison operator.

Public Members

uint32_t sendBufferSize

Length of the send buffer.

uint32_t receiveBufferSize

Length of the receive buffer.

std::vector<std::string> interfaceWhiteList

Allowed interfaces in an IP or device name string format.

NetmaskFilterKind netmask_filter

Transport’s netmask filter configuration.

std::vector<AllowedNetworkInterface> interface_allowlist

Allowed interfaces in an IP or device name string format, each with a specific netmask filter configuration.

std::vector<BlockedNetworkInterface> interface_blocklist

Blocked interfaces in an IP or device name string format.

uint8_t TTL

Specified time to live (8bit - 255 max TTL)

constexpr uint8_t eprosima::fastdds::rtps::s_defaultTTL = 1

Default time to live (TTL)