class fastdds.RTPSEndpointQos

Qos Policy to configure the endpoint

property entity_id

Entity ID, if the user wants to specify the EntityID of the endpoint. By default, -1.

property external_unicast_locators

The collection of external locators to use for communication.

property history_memory_policy

Underlying History memory policy. By default, PREALLOCATED_WITH_REALLOC_MEMORY_MODE.

property ignore_non_matching_locators

Whether locators that don’t match with the announced locators should be kept.

property multicast_locator_list

Multicast locator list

property remote_locator_list

Remote locator list

property thisown

The membership flag

property unicast_locator_list

Unicast locator list

property user_defined_id

User Defined ID, used for StaticEndpointDiscovery. By default, -1.