struct SerializedPayload_t

Structure SerializedPayload_t.

Public Functions

inline SerializedPayload_t()

Default constructor.

inline explicit SerializedPayload_t(uint32_t len)

len – Maximum size of the payload

inline bool copy(const SerializedPayload_t *serData, bool with_limit = true)

Copy another structure (including allocating new space for the data.)

  • serData[in] Pointer to the structure to copy

  • with_limit – if true, the function will fail when providing a payload too big


True if correct

inline bool reserve_fragmented(SerializedPayload_t *serData)

Allocate new space for fragmented data.


serData[in] Pointer to the structure to copy


True if correct

inline void empty()

Empty the payload.

Public Members

uint16_t encapsulation

Encapsulation of the data as suggested in the RTPS 2.1 specification chapter 10.

uint32_t length

Actual length of the data.

octet *data

Pointer to the data.

uint32_t max_size

Maximum size of the payload.

uint32_t pos

Position when reading.

Public Static Attributes

static constexpr size_t representation_header_size = 4u

Size in bytes of the representation header as specified in the RTPS 2.3 specification chapter 10.